Monday, August 28, 2006

The Energy of Money

By Maria Nemeth

Money is an uncomfortable subject for most of us. We love money, and we hate it. We can’t live with it, and we can’t live without it.

Money can be a source of great joy and creativity, for it can bring frustration and misery, depending on our relationship with it.

This very discomfort is what makes our relationship with money such fertile ground. Whatever is potent for us, whatever elicits strong emotions, whatever seems to “hold on to us” in life has the power to bring forth our greatest strengths and most remarkable qualities.

Our relationship with money calls on us to wake up to see how we are handling all kinds of energy-not only money but time, physical vitality, enjoyment, creativity, and the support of friends-and to use those lessons to enrich every aspect of our lives.

To use the energy of money successfully, you need to operate in both physical reality and the spiritual, metaphysical reality made up of dreams, visions and your life’s intentions, you need to understand not only where your passion is, but also where your strengths lie.

Make a list of the things you are passionate about, and then narrow the list to those items that present an opportunity to generate income.

Once you’ve narrowed your list and have matched your aptitudes and interests, it’s time to take a good look at your support network. Treat your money with more respect.

Making better choices in how you spend your money will make it easier to free yourself to change the direction of your life.

The Sacred in Money

By Adele Azar-Rucquoi

Celebrate your income and all it represents. Designate a special object in your home that will remind you of your income sources and the blessings each brings you.

Make sure the object is something you can see every day, such as a small statue or piece of art. Learn to love and appreciate the beauty of money in your life. Trust money as you would other forces that come and go in your life with whatever constancy and regularity.

Compose your own money prayers. Keep the prayers short. Like a mantra, voice these money prayers while in your car, on a bus, in the park, or whenever you enter into the arena of commerce. Each prayer is a stepping stone and uttered often can take you beyond financial fear, and keeping you in touch with the divine hand.

Light a scented candle when you pay your bills. Put on soft music. You are not alone as you dispense your money. You’ll feel that energy released for your money allows you to participate in something grand and mystical; the very functioning of human commerce on a planetary scale…

Make a habit of spending a small amount on someone else. Slip money into a charity box or buy someone’s lunch. Spending money on deserving people and causes makes life better.

If you believe you’re struggling to get by, reduce your giving but always practice generosity, toward yourself and others, to feel abundant. It’s law of nature: you’re richest when you give it away.

Money Magnetism

By Swami Kriyananda

Whatever you do, put your full energy into it. If you have to earn money don’t work at it with half your mind, while, with the other half, regretting what you are doing.

If you are in a position where you don’t have to think about earning money-fine; you can direct your energy toward other things. But this is not necessarily better than for a person to be in a position where he has to think about earning money.

I visited a wealthy man once who told me. “That isn’t my reality out there. My life begins when I get home, and can sit quietly in my meditation room.”

I imagine he was trying to impress me. I found myself thinking, however, “What a pity to waste all that time at work during which he could also be living in God!”

You see, it isn’t really important what we do, so long as we see everything we do as an opportunity for service, for applying energy creatively, for working for the welfare of all, for expanding our sympathies and awareness, for attuning our consciousness to the Infinite intelligence.

Remember, God is in money, too. God is in business. God is in the banks just as much as He is in the mountains and the clouds, and in temples.

And though it is, I grant you, more difficult to see Him in the marketplace, nonetheless, He is there. If you look deeply enough, you must find Him, wherever you are.

How To Attract Money

By Swami Kriyananda

Money we’ve all heard, is the root of all evil. Money represents quite simply, a flow of energy. Harm results when money is loved and hoarded for its own sake.

For in hoarding it, we block the energy flow. Developing money magnetism depends to a great extent on understanding how to use money properly.

Using money properly depends on realizing that, in acquiring money, we don’t merely manipulate material forces in our favor. Still less is the acquisition of money a matter of luck.

Rather, we attract money to us. The other side of that coin is that the failure to acquire money is essentially an act of repulsion on our part unconscious, to be sure.

Both of these concepts-learning how to attract money, and how to put it to proper use-depend, on understanding what truly constitutes our needs, that is, our own, and others’, highest good.

For it is a law of life that when we waste any resource, we encounter a time finally when we can no longer replenish it. Don’t be passive in the demands you make on the universe.

Don’t wait for good fortune to smile on you. Be secure in yourself, and know that you, yourself, are an integral part of the cosmic reality. When you have that consciousness of living already in abundance, then, you will attract more abundance.

The power to attract money, and success of every kind, increases in direct proportion to our ability to recognize, and attune ourselves to, a greater reality than our own.

The Seven Laws of Money

By Michael Phillips

The alternative to living by conventional logic and credential mentality is pursuing the mind of wealth directly.

In this case we’ll call it “Inherent wealth”…. Inherent wealth is not pursued really, it is uncovered. The substance of it is training ourselves to open to life more and more subtly and completely.

What’s the pay off? Inherent wealth is moment by moment wealth so it is not predictable. But it has an intuitive feeling of wholesomeness about it.

Letting go of credential mentality frees up the sense of humor, appreciating qualities in people and experiences previously unnoticed or avoided. Inherent wealth is a feeling of unconditional abundance or cheerfulness that does not preclude tears.

The experience of inherent wealth arises from raw openness or “emptiness”. It is necessary to set aside the struggle to accumulate ‘fullness’, ‘completeness’.

It is necessary to set aside the struggle to accumulate ‘fullness”, ‘completeness’. Openness of heart and mind innately underlies out thought process and is the birthplace of tremendous humor, intelligence, and insight.

Instead of pursuing yet another credential ‘happiness’ in the form of a state of mind, it implies that inherent wealth is not one state of mind at all, but the awareness that each state of mind occurs in.

In practice you could say it’s a way of relating to whatever is coming up, the way of seeing everything but manipulating nothing. It is very humbling to one’s ego, but the ongoing struggle to guard and increase one’s happiness is what keeps us all basically miserable!


Money Tips
By Stephanie Roberts

Do you know where your financial “power spots” are? The contemporary methods of feng shui associate prosperity issues with the back left corner of any space.

There’s also a wealth area within each room: facing in from the doorway. It’s the corner area in the back of the room on the left-hand side. Apply feng shui to these spaces: Clear out any clutter from these important areas.

Clutter is sign of stagnant energy, and clutter in your money power spots can clog up your cash flow.

Fix things that are broken. Anything that doesn’t work, as it should, is a sign of something wrong in the area of your life that corresponds to that part of your space.

Enhance your power spots with symbols of prosperity, such as a bowl of coins (add your loose change to it every day), a “lucky bamboo” plant, or anything that symbolizes success and prosperity to you.

Accent your money areas with the colors green and purple. Green symbolizes vitality and growth, and purple is the color of wealth. Place a bowl of green and purple grapes (real or artificial) in the wealth area of your kitchen, to symbolize abundance filling your home.

Pay attention to how you handle money every day. Clean the clutter out of your purse and wallet, and start handling your money as though you value it.

Live generously. Money is a form of energy, and it needs to flow through your life, not just into it. Hoarding and scrimping work against more coming in, while giving generously within your means makes space for even greater abundance.