Monday, August 28, 2006

The Seven Laws of Money

By Michael Phillips

The alternative to living by conventional logic and credential mentality is pursuing the mind of wealth directly.

In this case we’ll call it “Inherent wealth”…. Inherent wealth is not pursued really, it is uncovered. The substance of it is training ourselves to open to life more and more subtly and completely.

What’s the pay off? Inherent wealth is moment by moment wealth so it is not predictable. But it has an intuitive feeling of wholesomeness about it.

Letting go of credential mentality frees up the sense of humor, appreciating qualities in people and experiences previously unnoticed or avoided. Inherent wealth is a feeling of unconditional abundance or cheerfulness that does not preclude tears.

The experience of inherent wealth arises from raw openness or “emptiness”. It is necessary to set aside the struggle to accumulate ‘fullness’, ‘completeness’.

It is necessary to set aside the struggle to accumulate ‘fullness”, ‘completeness’. Openness of heart and mind innately underlies out thought process and is the birthplace of tremendous humor, intelligence, and insight.

Instead of pursuing yet another credential ‘happiness’ in the form of a state of mind, it implies that inherent wealth is not one state of mind at all, but the awareness that each state of mind occurs in.

In practice you could say it’s a way of relating to whatever is coming up, the way of seeing everything but manipulating nothing. It is very humbling to one’s ego, but the ongoing struggle to guard and increase one’s happiness is what keeps us all basically miserable!


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