Friday, October 06, 2006

Creating Abundance

By John Aversano

ABUNDANCE! Abundance flows forth from Nature effortlessly. The skies shine forth the abundant sun’s rays, puring forth Grace to every portion of our little blue pearl in the Universe.

Did you know most events occur in our life from our thoughts and are replayed on the ‘big screen’ we call life? The seeds of our thoughts and emotions take root and eventually bloom in our life. Bringing Abundance of every kind into our Life is a wonderful manifestation project and lots of fun. Gratitude for all we have is the best path to Abundance because it puts us in the state of Reverence. Reverence for all of our life here and now opens us for further receiving.

Resonate your entire life around
Gratitude then Abundance will overflow naturally from every aspect of your life. Resonate Good Thoughts and Feelings and you will begin to turn the ship of doom and gloom around into a safe harbor.

The mental and emotional state that you are in or dwell in continues to attract those very same vibrations. Here on earth we call the vibrations experiences. Turn your life into an Abundant walk in a beautiful rose garden, each day, picking Abundantly from a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

There is no lack, only in your own perceptions, regardless of the perceived human lack. Until next time, Dear One, please remember to stay focused on what you want or wish to experience, avoiding the opposite of that energy. ‘Stay tuned into’ that which you desire.