Friday, September 01, 2006

Prosperity Consciousness

By Joan Sotkin

There is one truth about Money. It is energy, it is a part of this Universe, and as such it is a manifestation of the divine.

Prosperity consciousness is living from a soul-deep knowing that the Universe is the one Source of every thing. Living from this knowledge, we can trust that all our needs and desires will be met as long as we stay in conscious connection with all that is.

Ask for what we want, and open to receive our blessings. Since the Source is all that is, there can be no lack. We as co-creators with all that is create our experience of “lack,” poverty, and financial hardship by focusing our energy and attention on these concepts and bringing it to ourselves.

The first step is to develop awareness of my connection with Spirit, with All That is. Universal Life Force Energy is the substance that the Universe is made up of. It not only permeates all that exists, all that is, in the universe, it literally is all that is in the universe. It is Spirit, Divine, Universal Intelligence. It is All that is. In this substance, in Spirit, we live and move and have our being.

The scriptures say “pray without ceasing” Make every moment a prayer in action. Ask, in a quiet meditative state, ask for understanding. Ask for greater consciousness, greater awareness.

Ask for whatever gifts we wish to manifest - personality traits, psychic gifts, inspiration, talent, or material blessings. “Ask and it shall be given: Seek and you shall find” says the Bible.