Monday, October 09, 2006

The Tao Of Abundance

By Laurence Boldt

Real abundance is about so much more than money. If you put yourself in accord with the way of the universe, it will take care of you abundantly. All that is required is that you become aware of the inner process through which you create an experience of lack and struggle in your life, and refrain from doing it.

Awareness of the broader social dynamics that promote a consciousness of lack, as well as the inner ego drives that bind us to them, empowers us to break. Once and for all, the chains of psychological poverty and lack.

Money can give us the time to appreciate the simple things in life more fully, but not the spirit of innocence and wonder necessary to do so. Money, can give us the time to develop our gifts and talents, but not the courage and discipline to do so.

Money can give us the power to make a difference in the lives of others, but not the desire to do so. Money can give us the time to develop and nurture our relationships, but not the love and caring necessary to do so. “Riches either serve or govern the possessor.”

The ancient Taoist masters were keenly aware of the cost of money and were particularly skeptical of the cost of attaining social status and position.

In the short time we are here, we should listen to our own voices and follow our own hearts.

Why not be free and live your own life? Why follow other people’s rules and live to please others?