Thursday, February 05, 2009

Change Your Attitude And You'll Change Your Life

By Mogili

Are you always worried about shortage of money? Do you always complain that you can’t make both ends meet? Yes, you are suffering from scarcity mentality.

To overcome financial troubles, you need to change your mind set. The scarcity mentality is to be replaced with prosperity mentality. Believe that you have lots of money and you’ll have money.

The source is infinite and you have to draw from this never ending infinite source. The higher power will grant you whatever you ask. Ask it shall be given. Have you asked in real earnest or always asked with doubts and reservations. Be faithful and confident in whatever you do. You’ll emerge successful both domestically and financially.

Change your attitude and you’ll change your life. You can change everything including your finances, your home, and your neighborhood. But, you never gave thought to this before. You do so now and you’ll be amazed how this principle works.

Start saving ten percent from your earnings. You spend the remaining amount. Buy what you need and not what you don’t require. If you buy what you don’t need, you may have to sell what you actually need.

It is this mindset that needs to be changed. Replace your mindset of scarcity with plenty, of doubt with faith, of sadness with happiness.

Try this, you’ll emerge as a far more confident, and financially sound person with bubbling enthusiasm and boundless energy. You’ll soon become financially successful.

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