Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Focus – Key to Success

By Mogili

Are you focused on whatever you do? Or you just drift along aimlessly? Majority lack focus and they end up nowhere. They miss the opportunities which otherwise belonged to them had they remained focused.

The natural question arises as to how to focus? You can focus if you have set a goal. Without setting a goal, how can you focus? When you do not have a goal; where do you focus and how do you focus? In short, set a goal and you will automatically focus on the goal to achieve it.

Can you imagine a ship going on high seas without a compass? It will end up nowhere and remain on the high seas with turbulent waters hitting it all over. In the same way, a person without a goal is like a ship without a compass. He will go nowhere and achieve nothing and will soon become a victim of circumstances.

Goal is your compass and focus is the magnet. When you have a goal and focus on it, you can achieve anything. You can attract luck, money, love, and everything that you want to achieve.

Luck is nothing but meeting ground of opportunity and preparation. Since you are well prepared to grab opportunities, it is observed that more opportunities invariably come your way. The more focused you are, the luckier you’ll become. Yes, focus is the key to success.