Thursday, October 26, 2006

Law of Tithing

By Louis Dor Dempriey

The solution and the cure for poverty on this planet, as well as the means for manifesting abundance (in every area of your life), is to fulfill the law and cycle of creation by returning to the universe one-tenth of all that the universe gives you.

Someone once asked me, “Is that gross or net?” Since the universe does not have conditions placed upon its giving to you, you cannot have conditions placed on giving back to it.

It is in giving that you receive. Tithing is simply the first place of giving. The more you give, the more you receive, provided that giving is motivated by joy, gratefulness, and unconditional love, and provided that the gift is given freely without attachment, expectation, or entitlement.

It is important to remember that the energetic value of any act, thought, word, or feeling is only and exactly equal to the consciousness with which it is delivered.

If you tithe be grudgingly, you are sowing bitter seeds and you will harvest bitter fruits for yourself. Even though the money will still bless another, it will not bless you in return.

Do whatever you do in love, joy, and gratefulness. Then everyone is blessed and rewarded.

Furthermore, while there are many ways in which to give, the Law of Tithing outlined here is the prerequisite and foundation for all others.

It is with great joy that I lay this treasure in your lap, the opportunity and the power to personally wipe the disease of poverty from this planet and be blessed by spiritual and material abundance in so doing.