Friday, February 06, 2009

The Mindset of Millionaires

By Mogili

Do you have the mindset of millionaires? If not, it’s time you cultivate it now. The thinking of millionaires is totally different from the ordinary folk.

The millionaires have totally different perspective of money, wealth, life, and others. The millionaires do not think in terms of making money. They always think of giving out a superior service. They always think from ‘you’ angle and not from ‘I’ angle.

The millionaires mind is goal oriented and are prepared to work hard and persist till they achieve their goal. They do not waste their money and wealth on unnecessary things nor do they encourage wasteful talk and gossip. They are extremely prudent in terms of earning and spending money and also in choosing friends.

They believe in the maxim, a dollar saved is a dollar earned. But, at the same, they do not hesitate to spend when it is required to be spent. They are wise in their savings and spending habits.

Anyone can have the mindset of millionaires. However, it is only a belief that is to be changed. But, can you change your beliefs? It is easier said than done. If you can change your mindset, you’ll not only become a millionaire but the world will be at your beck and call. Yes, it’s time to have the mindset of millionaires.

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