Monday, February 02, 2009

Passion is Key to Riches

By Mogili

Passion is key to success. If you are passionate you can achieve anything in life. Without passion, you cannot reach the goals you’ve set before you. In fact, passion is key to riches.

If you want to make money do what you love. The money will automatically follow you. Do not just accept a job just because you are paid to work. Do what you love or you will be forced to love what you do.

Have you observed the lives of all the rich persons? Be it Bill Gates, Warrant Buffet or any other rich person; they achieved that position because they loved what they did.

Imagine, you are in a job you did not like or enjoy doing it. Do you think, you’ll be successful? I’m sure, you’ll just slog and try to pass the time and you end up nowhere. That’s not the stuff, the rich people are made of. Every rich person got there because he loved and had a passion for what they did. In short, they loved their job.

Take a leaf out of rich persons. Be passionate about what you do. Do not hanker after money. Because, sooner or later, money is bound to follow you. Always love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. Follow your passion, money will follow you.