Monday, August 28, 2006

How To Attract Money

By Swami Kriyananda

Money we’ve all heard, is the root of all evil. Money represents quite simply, a flow of energy. Harm results when money is loved and hoarded for its own sake.

For in hoarding it, we block the energy flow. Developing money magnetism depends to a great extent on understanding how to use money properly.

Using money properly depends on realizing that, in acquiring money, we don’t merely manipulate material forces in our favor. Still less is the acquisition of money a matter of luck.

Rather, we attract money to us. The other side of that coin is that the failure to acquire money is essentially an act of repulsion on our part unconscious, to be sure.

Both of these concepts-learning how to attract money, and how to put it to proper use-depend, on understanding what truly constitutes our needs, that is, our own, and others’, highest good.

For it is a law of life that when we waste any resource, we encounter a time finally when we can no longer replenish it. Don’t be passive in the demands you make on the universe.

Don’t wait for good fortune to smile on you. Be secure in yourself, and know that you, yourself, are an integral part of the cosmic reality. When you have that consciousness of living already in abundance, then, you will attract more abundance.

The power to attract money, and success of every kind, increases in direct proportion to our ability to recognize, and attune ourselves to, a greater reality than our own.


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