Monday, February 09, 2009

What is True Success?

by Mogili

The question always arises in everyone’s mind is what is true success? Do you believe that achieving a desired goal is true success? Can success be quantified and qualified?

Each one has his own definition of success. For some, achieving a cherished goal is success. Whereas for some, success implies attaining a certain status in society. For others, acquisition of certain amount of wealth is considered success.

In reality, success is deeper than mere attainment of a cherished goal or material wealth. Real success lies in achieving a goal with joy, laughter and effort is success.

If you go deeper, success has many sides to it. Merely achieving a goal or material comforts and wealth is not success. True success encompasses the whole gamut of your life. Success includes good health, happy family and social life, peace of mind accompanied with a sense of accomplishment.

You may be successful in career or business but if you are a failure in domestic life, it is not success. Remember, when success is all embracing, it is considered true success. Let success embrace all aspects of your life. That is what true is all about!

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