Saturday, February 07, 2009

Your Attire Determines Your Financial Success

By Mogili

Do you know that your attire determines your financial success? Many may not believe in this concept. But, in fact, you are known by the dress you wear and financial success is measured by your attire.

Have you observed that rich and well to do always come immaculately dressed for any function or meeting? The moment you look at them, you are convinced that they are rich, highly placed and men with power to call the shots.

Imagine a rich man coming in poorly dressed attire. Will he get the same reception as a well dressed man? The chances are that he will be stopped at the entrance and will not be allowed to enter the meeting place.

Your attire plays a vital role in society, offices, social circles, and meetings. In some hotels and meeting places, a dress code is enforced to eliminate ill clad people from entering the places and spoiling the serene atmosphere.

Remember, you outer dress is a reflection of your inner feelings. If you feel rich and financially successful, you’ll also dress appropriately for the occasion.

A proper attire boosts your confidence, y our thinking and overall being. In short, Dress well and achieve financial success. Let there be no doubt that your attire determines your financial success.

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