Monday, June 09, 2008

Creating Prosperity

By Joan Sotkin

You have to be at the right point of consciousness to create abundance in every area of your life. And once you are there, you have to take action to change your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behavior patterns in order to allow a new condition in your life to develop.

If you long to experience prosperity, somehow, you will have to draw in what you need in terms of people, things or money in order to feel satisfied. Prosperity is not something that is given to us by some unseen force, it is a habit we have to develop.

The fact is that if you feel needy, deprived or unworthy, it will be difficult for you to also feel successful, fulfilled and prosperous. If you’ve never gotten what you need, you will have to learn how to get it.

Obviously, if you aren’t experiencing prosperity now, even if you have a good income, you are going to have to change how you feel-and the quality of your life energy. You are also going to have to make some behavior changes.

Keep in mind that creating prosperity is a process, one that can take years to complete, depending on where you are starting from. Remember, I’m not just talking about making more money. Prosperity is about feeling satisfied and fulfilled in every area of your life.

That means you may have to do some real inner travelling to find out who you are, define your values and figure out what will bring you comfort and joy. Then you have to find the courage to act upon what you discover.


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