Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Abundance Affirmations

By Stuart Wilde

To close the distance between you and money, you have to reach from a negative self-image. You have to make yourself right and okay. You must know you are worthy. A good thing to do, as part of your abundance affirmation, is to include yourself in socially.

Many people resent money because they feel life hasn’t been fair to them, that they’ve worked hard and haven’t received as much as they should have. Or that they are paid less than other people with inferior qualities to them.

However, harboring these negative emotions only widens the gap between yourself and money. The other concept that fuels this emotional distance is the idea that somebody ought to provide for you; that somehow the world owes you a living.

Closing the motional distance means deciding, or looking at, what your deep inner core beliefs are about money. How you will emotionally get off the island of lack, and row yourself over to the mainland where the market is bustling with activity and cash is flowing.

Delve deep within and ponder. Discovering what you really want saves you endless confusion and wasted energy.

Earning money involves activity, and all activity burns energy, so eventually that energy burn out makes you insecure. All insecurity comes from the fear of collapse: the collapse of a situation, of your life, a business, whatever.

So if you need more security, work on your body, be kind to yourself, sleep more, rest, hang out in nature, and do nice things for yourself.


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