Thursday, October 19, 2006

Positive Affirmations – Key to Abundance

By Duane Packer

Affirm that you and your Higher Self have the power to change anything in your life and that no one can stop you. The universe is absolutely abundant and always working for you!

Affirmations are a way to focus on what you want, to change your beliefs and thoughts, and to let go of negative thinking. They are powerful ways to change your reality.

As you affirm your abundance, you may realize that you need to open to receive it and believe you deserve to have it. Work with your Higher Self right now to increase your ability to receive.

Put your hand on your heart, let your Higher Self join you, and affirm, “I now open to receive all the riches of the universe and all the good my Higher Self is sending me.” Feel your heart opening and your ability to receive growing.

If you notice any negative thoughts that come up as you say this, identify them. Change them into positive affirmations.

Examine how deserving you feel about having abundance in the area of your life you are working on. Notice when you cut off the flow, when you decide that you have had enough of something good.

Most people are used to living with scarcity, and become nervous or anxious when they have too much abundance. If you notice yourself getting worried when things are going too well or stopping the flow of abundance in some way, ask your Higher Self to join you to show you how to open to receive and to allow more abundance into your life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simply wonderful.I am going through a bad phase but still hoping that tomorrow will be better.Kindly suggest some positive affirmatory phrases which I can practice minute by minute,hour after hour.

11:59 PM  

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