Sunday, February 08, 2009

Be a Winner Not a Loser!

By Mogili

To become successful in life, adopt the approach of a winner. Winning or losing hardly matters to a positive thinker. Losing is an opportunity to learn while winning is scoring over your opponents with superior skill.

But never be concerned with the fear of failure. Be brave and try to win over a crisis situation. It is possible to overcome any type situation if you are not afraid of losing. The very fear of losing will debilitate your energy and enthusiasm.

Face the situation direct face on. Never doubt your abilities to tackle any problem. God has given you the brain to think and win over any situation with skill and tact. Adopt the tactics of a winner and not a loser.

The motto of Olympics is “higher, swifter and stronger”. At every Olympics, several records are broken. Champions always try to better their previous attempt. That separates the winners from losers. Losers easily lose heart whereas the winners always keep their spirits high and concentrate on winning the medal. Be like an Olympic champion to be a winner and not a loser!

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